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    News — fold over clasp

    5 of the Top 10 Most Common Watch Strap Clasps

    5 of the Top 10 Most Common Watch Strap Clasps

    With so many options out there for a watch clasp, how do you decide which one is best for you? For me, it comes down to 2 main things

    1. Style (how good it looks)
    2. Practicality (will it suffice for my intended use) 

    This article will tell you a bit about 5 of our favourites picked from the top 10 most common clasps to help you make a decision.


    Unfolds into thirds to allow the watch to fit over the hand. It locks in place with a small hook-type latch. It may also have buttons on either side of the clasp that must be pinched to release, or / and a fold over closure on top that provides extra security. Examples of watches that use this type of clasp are  the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31 and the Tag Heuer Aquaracer 2000 watch. This is a pretty solid clasp and is found on many metal straps.


    This clasp creates the illusion of a seamless band from the outside, and is hidden on the inside of the watch strap. Some have side push-button release mechanisms for added security. The Women's Virago Wood Watch by Leafwood uses this type of clasp, and is our number # 1 clasp pick, especially for a woman's watch.


    This is probably the most common type of clasp seen, as it is very simple and easy to manufacture, whilst being very secure at the same time. It has an adjustable closure made up of a pin and a series of holes in the band. This closure is common in belts and leather straps. Examples of watches that use this type of buckle are the Breitling Chronomat H13356 and The Mens Terra Juglan Gold Wood Watch by Leafwood. 



    A simple latch snapped closed around a bar. It is released by lifting the clasp and unsnapping it from the latch bar. As the name suggests, it is more of a decorative clasp on high end watches. The look is one of its most important features.  The Gucci Signoria 116 25mm watch uses this type of clasp.

    #5 Velcro CLASP

    This is not strictly a clasp, and is really just a piece of material. Two pieces of Velcro are built into the strap and adhere to each other to create a tight fit. Fully adjustable and commonly found on sports watches with either a fabric or leather type strap. Since the velcro can wear out and become less secure over time, many watches that use this mechanism, combine it with a buckle for added security. The Timex Men's T499979J Expedition uses this type of clasp. 

    We hope this short introduction to watch strap clasps has been interesting to read and you've learned something new.

    All the best, The Leafwood Team.