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    News — Fashion

    Leafwood: Leaving the Earth Better Than You Found It

    Leafwood: Leaving the Earth Better Than You Found It

    Credit Photography: @julian

    The easiest way to make this world a better place is by committing to leaving it a better place than you found it. At Leafwood, we’ve interpreted this statement to mean that our custom wood watches should be more than just a stylish fashion accessory – they should become the focal point of an eco-sustainable lifestyle.


    At Leafwood, this means that whatever we take from Mother Nature to make our wood watches, we will put back ten fold. Although all of our Leafwood products are manufactured from recycled and reclaimed wood, we still pledge that we will plant a new tree for every watch sold. Our goal is that future generations will benefit from small steps taken today.


    And that message of positivity is one that any individual can follow. You don’t need to found a global nonprofit, develop a cure for a major disease or devote your entire life to saving the environment. Tiny little steps, if taken daily, can have a huge impact on our planet.


    There are easy examples of how you can leave the Earth better than you found it. Picking up a piece of litter when you see it is one way to keep the planet green. Random acts of kindness are another great way to enrich lives around you. Even a simple smile and “thank you” to someone who helps you is an easy way to leave the Earth better than you found it.


    From there, tiny little steps can become even bigger steps. Instead of driving to work each day, you might decide to bike to work. Ultimately, any small action that gets us closer to our final goal of an eco-sustainable planet is worth doing. We all have to commit to making every day better.


    It’s the tiny steps that matter because they have the power to inspire others around you. A few steps taken by a few individuals can become a powerful movement followed by thousands of people, if not tens of thousands of people.


    The key point here is that you need to be focused on the here and now, rather than on some date far in the future. In short, it’s not about leaving a legacy when you leave this Earth, it’s about leaving a legacy every day. Any interaction, any situation, any meeting with someone new, can become a unique opportunity to leave the Earth better than you found it.


    At Leafwood, we’re continually inspired by the great outdoors and the world around us. We founded this company on the idea that high-quality products can be made from recycled and reclaimed materials. We’re passionate about the need for sustainable development, and we hope that our wood watches will inspire that same kind of passion in others. Every day, we tell ourselves, “It starts here.”


    There is something very magical about getting back to nature. It changes your perspective of the world. It helps you to appreciate simplicity and beauty in all things. Are you ready to change the world? Then simply pledge to leave the Earth better than you found it.



    Procrastination happens to the best of us. As we move into summer, some of us may still be in winter mode and wondered where spring went, not to mention Mother’s Day is just around the corner as you get an invite to a Mother’s day event. Feel the stress bar go up? May 14th is the day for those of you who are just catching up. Note to self, you are cool, calm and perfect!

    Here is a quick, easy and stylish look to pull off, effortlessly sexy, sophisticated and fun for the event or any event for this summer, and additionally these items will make wonderful gifts.


    This summer, simple is sexy. Shirt dresses, jumpsuits / playsuits, tank dresses or your go to maxi dress are extremely comfortable options and a breeze to layer up. If you are feeling self conscience about your arms, shirt dresses are enticing. Got winter legs? Comfy jumpsuits would be your hero. Want to turn some heads because you still “got it”? Say yes to the playsuit or romper.

    OUR PICKS (below): Silence + Noise Jackson Button-Front Gauzy Halter Jumpsuit, UrbanOutfitters ($79);Lancaster Dress, Community ($110); 

    Jersey Tank Dress, Madewell ($88)



    Mother's Day Casual Dress



    It’s not cool to keep your friends waiting. Remember to slip on a sleek and legible time piece. Gone are the days when watches were too fancy and superseded practicality. You can still look stylish and tell the time. Wood watches should be a staple accessory. Uniquely designed is the ladies wood watch from LEAFWOOD. Designed for the woman of effortless sophistication. THE VIRAGO woman is feminine, playful and infinitely ambitious. Our pick: TheVirago, LeafWood ($125)

     Virago Ladies Wood Watch - Leafwood 



    When Mr. Golden Sun comes out to play protect yourself from its harmful rays with this years stylish shades, and hats inspired by the free spirited 70's and our feline friends. For  a splash of colour and adding that "oomph" of sophistication, add the classic scarf to your outfit. They are versatile and playful. Our picks: Field Hat, Brixton ($68);  Cool Cat Wire Frame Sunnies, Free People ($20)Auto Silk Scarf, Muleties ($44)

     LEAFWOOD Mother's Day


    Simple and sexy still plays it’s part on your feet, so go ahead and slip into you favourite flip-flops or sneakers. What colour? NUDE. The Au Natural, beige, brown, nude, mauve, blanc colours are simple and allow your outfit to stand out without being drowned by your bottom half.

    Time To Chill Nude Slide Patent Sandals ($16); Platform Butchers, ZARA ($50); AP MOC in Shell White, Native ($75)



    The last piece to your ensemble is your hand bag to carry gifts, and your belongings. Bring along your favourite weekender bag or tote for ample packing room. If you prefer something more discreet and causal, the mini backpack is a great option. Our picks: Duck Bag, BAGGU ($30)Vignelli Backpack, Matt & Nat ($160)Climb Tote Bag, Epperson Mountaineering ($80)

    Mother's Day - Leafwood


    A perfect gift for the mother-to-be or for your own little bundle of joy is something to wrap "love" around. Muslin blankets are still one of the most popular blankets used by moms because of how light, breathable, soft and temperature adjustable they are. Our pick: Muslin Blanket, BabyBeBaby ($34)

    We can feel you’re breathing heavily. Not from stress but excitement to get ready for your debut. We are too.

    Happy Mother’s Day!