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    Two outdoor enthusiasts, Giles and Terry, envisioned true style that emphasizes the natural beauty of wood, whilst maintaining an eco-friendly approach to creating watches from recycled wood.  With mountain running and cross-country biking being two of their passions, both had an early connection with nature and an understanding that sustainable development is extremely important.

    Leafwood was formed in 2014 in Canada to bring the uniqueness and beauty of wood to the fashionable yet environmentally conscious customer.


    Our watches are being featured in AVENUE Magazine Calgary.

    The momenetum picked up to gain interest by fine arts and lifestyle in Banff where the Juglan Nut Men's watch will be one of the silient auction items at their 2017 Midsummer Ball.

    British GQ Magazine spotted them miles away and have featured them in their April 2017 issue.

    British GQ Magazine apporaches Leafwood again to have them featured again in their May 2017 Issue.

    British GQ Magazine appraches Leafwood a third time, they will be featured in their June 2017 issue.


    Leafwood's first ladies watch The Virago debuts April 2017.


    Press coverage
    "Leafwood will donate their Male Terra Juglan Gold to the Midsummer Ball's Silient Auction which raises scholarship monies for artists in all arts disciplines to attend the Banff Centre to hone their craft. Last year, the Ball raised $1.1 million net."
    Leafwood Donates Men's and Women's Watches to the Midsummer Ball's Silient Auction 2017
    Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
    Spring Forward
    BRITISH GQ Magazine Issue. April 2017
    "Not only are these watches free of toxic chemicals, they are also hypoallergenic, making them an excellent choice for anyone whose skin reacts to metal watches. "
    Buy This Vintage Jewellery, Cozy Pullover and Walnut Watch They are our new and noteworthy items for April.
    AVENUE Magazine Calgary - April 01, 2017
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